$2.29 sq. ft.

Tour is the tightest fiber putting green surface we offer. The tighter field and olive colored yarn and shorter pile height allows consumers the flexibility to control surface speed by adding less infill to the turf. Tour is a versatile product that can be used for several sports including batting cages, bocce ball and croquet.


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• Heat and frost resistant
• Durable yarn shape creates stronger fiber strength
• UV stabilized yarns to resist fading from the sun
• Soft fiber adds a natural comfortable feel
• Non-flammable, anti-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack







• Pile Height: 1/2”
• Face Weight: 45 oz
• Total Weight: 72 oz
• Yarn Color: Field/Olive
• Yarn Material: Monofilament Polyethylene (PE)
• Backing Material: 27 oz Polyurethane
• Machine Gauge: 3/8”
• Infill Ratio: 2 – 3 lbs
• Roll Width: 15’
• Drain Rate: 28 inch per hour
• Shipping Weight: 750 lbs per roll (15 x 100)
• Roll Diameter: 24 inches
• Warranty: 15 year



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