The Bermuda Series is a hybrid of olive green and field green Mini W yarn fibers that blend with green and brown thatch to give the ultimate natural appearance. CoolFlo equipped means that the Bermuda Series is consistently up to 15 degrees cooler to the touch making it exceptional for climates prone to hot weather. View Series Details


The Coastal Blend Series features a S&C yarn blade shape which when coupled with the field and apple green tones give it the most versatility to the touch and appearance, making it the most realistic artificial turf on the market. Along with the visual appeal, the S&C yarn blend act as a reinforcement making the Coastal Blend Series superior in durability.  View Series Details


The Fescue Series is the holy grail of durable and comfortable synthetic grass due to its S&C yarn blade shape. With this yarn versatility mixed with the field and olive colors, as well as the brown and green thatch, the Fescue Series stands out as one of the most realistic artificial turf products on the market. View Series Details


The Glacier Series is our premier CoolFlo product giving it a tried and true reputation of being 15 degrees cooler to the touch. With its field green and apple green S&C shaped yarn blades for aesthetic prestige and durability, the Glacier Series turf is the best of the best for the best price. View Series Details


The Laguna Series is designed to emulate the look and feel of the lush, vibrant glades of the Pacific coastline. This affect is achieved through the ovular bladed two tone blend of field and spring green yarn that are soft to the touch yet durable underfoot making the Laguna Series perfect for home yardscapes. View Series Details


Mohave Blend is the turf of paradise. With it’s ultra soft S shaped blades and it’s rich field and olive toned yarn, this turf is a breath of fresh air. And like the towering trees that surround deep blue waterholes deep in the desert, the yarn height of the Mohave Blend stands above the rest. It’s soothing evergreen color is sure to make your neighbor's earth grown lawn look like a dried up, withered wasteland. Mohave is without a doubt the crown jewel of the oasis. View Series Details


The Natural Series uses the weakness of earth grown grass and controls it. Understanding that the reason grass looks synthetic is due to its unrealistic green colors, the Natural series includes a light brown yarn riddled in amidst the Field and Olive Green yarns. This gives the turf a real home grown look that cannot be matched. View Series Details


Tri Blend takes green to a whole new level. By incorporating a third yarn color into the mix, it achieves a deep level of green that cannot be found in the competitors. In the same way that a good sound system has high tones, mid tones, and a deep bass, Tri blend provides all three creating a full, deep and dynamic range of color. Tri Blend is the next generation of synthetic turf. View Series Details


Whether this is the first time you’re picking up a club or you’re competing in The Masters, our putting greens are specially engineered to provide the same traction and glide that you would find on a natural green. Our Golf Series performs exactly as an earth-grown putting green would. The condensed pile height provides durability and is top of its class to ensure that you never have to soften your tread or ease your swing. View Series Details


Unlike lead paint and rusty playgrounds, our pet products are engineered with safety first, meaning that they are free of harmful chemicals and toxic materials. Because you care about your pets, we have put extreme care into crafting the longest lasting, most realistic turf that your furry friend could ever dream of. Our revolutionary draining technology results in an extremely low maintenance experience, keeping your yard not only free of yellowing patches and thin bare spots but also, most importantly, keeps it smelling fresh. View Series Details


They say you are only as strong as the ground you stand on, and when it comes to playing your hardest, you need a turf underfoot that will match your intensity. Our sport turf is designed for hard hitters and tough players, meaning that it will roll with the punches, mark for mark. Available in an assortment of sizes, the natural green color of this series is reminiscent of the fresh cut turf used in major league stadiums. With durability this robust, you would think that the yarn was interwoven with titanium. View Series Details