Driven by the concern over severe drought conditions, consumers have made the artificial turf industry boom in the last few years. Individuals living in record hot and dry areas of the country, like in the Southwestern part of the States, would love to have healthy-looking green lawns all year round, but are faced with penalties and fines if they continue using drinkable water to do so. Thus, consumers are turning to professional artificial turf companies, like TurfHub, to keep their lawns, golf courses, and commercial properties looking beautiful whilst living and working in a severe drought.

Things are so serious in California, that Governor Jerry Brown has ordered a historic restriction for residents to reduce their water use by 25 percent through 2016. These restrictions affect water use for farming, golf course upkeep, landscaping, and more. Measures have also been taken to prevent homeowners’ associations in California from banning the installation of artificial turf.

“Across the state, Californians are making great strides to reduce their water use and hit aggressive benchmarks for conservation, and this new common sense law will give homeowners one more way to save as this drought continues. The grass may be fake, but the amount of water a homeowner can save by installing it is very real,” said Assembly woman Lorena Gonzalez.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider replacing your lawn with TurfHub artificial turf:

  1. Save time and money. Get a return on your investment with TurfHubNot only will you will save money by cutting your water bills and reduce water usage fines, but you will also save valuable maintenance time. TurfHub’s artificial turf is environmentally friendly, and requires no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, nor yearly reseeding. This means no more mowers, landscapers, and watering of the lawn.

  2. Save water. In states like California where residents need to reduce water use by 25%, artificial turf is becoming the popular go-to-choice for saving water. By replacing your traditional lawn with artificial turf, you’ll be saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water over the life of your artificial turf product. Each square foot of natural grass uses 55 gallons of water per year. A 1,500 sq. ft natural grass lawn being replaced you would save 1,500 sf x 55 gallons = 82,500 gallons per year. Artificial turf does not require irrigation.

  3. Be the envy of your friends. Enjoy green grass 365 days a year without the expensive upkeep. Compliment your lawn with interesting textures by using native plant materials and drought-tolerant plants. Become a part of a growing trend of homeowners who now assume sustainable design will be a major part of their landscaping plan for both economic and environmental reasons.

  4. Enjoy endless varieties. TurfHub’s artificial grass comes in many different grass blades, colors and types, allowing you to pick out the perfect lawn for your needs. TurfHub also has solutions for commercial properties, apartment complexes, and property management companies and will help them replace their existing grass with artificial turf. TurfHub is also safe for children and pets. All products are lead-free and do not have any other harmful toxins.

  5. Enjoy a rebate. An ongoing amount of states have established special tax rebate programs for consumers who look to install synthetic grass in both commercial and residential properties. City water authorities in states such as California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas are all offering rebate certificates for consumers who replace their natural grass with artificial turf. However, each municipality has its own policies, so consumers will need to check with their local water authorities to see what rebate options are offered and see what requirements are needed in order to receive the rebate.