Pet Turf System

Pet Turf

TurfHub’s Pet Turf System is developed with pets in mind! The durable Pet Turf System is a low-maintenance, safe-lawn alternative that will provide consumers and pets alike with the best quality lawn experience that looks and feels like the real thing!


TurfHub’s Pet Turf System consists of our Pet Turf product along with several key features needed to be installed to make the perfect pet friendly low maintenance lawn. TurfZap® Infill, TurfZap® Liquid, and TurfZap® Draining System. The complete Pet Turf System is engineered for durability and designed to truly replicate natural grass. It is uniquely formulated with a polyurethane coated backing that provides greater seam strength and durability and is also heat resistant, frost resistant and UV stabilized – perfect for a variety of climates.


TurfHub’s Pet Turf System will ensure your grass not only looks good, but also ensure the proper neutralizing of odors. Yellow grass, bald spots, and odors are a thing of the past. See our detailed information below to learn about each part of the TurfHub Pet Turf System.


What is TurfZap?

TurfZap is the most advanced pet infill system in the artificial turf industry. This product has revolutionized the synthetic grass experience for pet owners across the nation because of the product’s porous structure and natural negative charge. Made in the USA, TurfZap is the purest pet deodorizer in the world. In addition, TurfZap cools surface temperatures by retaining moisture in infill.


How is TurfZap different?

TurfZap is unique from other infill systems because of its negatively charged honeycombed molecular structures that absorb urine and prevent the output of ammonia gas. Furthermore, the material also filters out bacteria spores. TurfZap infill holds onto all gases until sodium ions from rainwater release the structure’s magnetic forces. This cleans the bacteria out of the structure and recharges TurfZap infill.


Why TurfZap?

TurfZap is 100% safe for children and pets. It also does not require constant cleaning and/or washing – simply let pets do their business on TurfZap, and the material will do its job by absorbing urine and its odors.


Note: Turfzap will not remove harmful bacteria. With any artificial turf material, you will need to remove bacteria with an enzyme cleaner. Our TurfZap liquid enzyme cleaning formula is the perfect solution for keeping surfaces bacteria-free.


TurfHub’s Pet Turf Infill is an environmentally friendly pet infill solution that helps absorb bacteria and prevent ammonia from turning into a gas – the main source of pet odor. The system can be used with any infill solution and should be installed on top of artificial grass within the pet turf fibers. (NEED TO EXPAND ON THE CHARGING AND NEUTRALIZING OF THE PRODUCT WITH RAIN/ WATER)


TurfHub’s Liquid Pet Turf System is the ideal solution for turf in which experiences regular pet traffic. The liquid solution is environmentally friendly and helps combat odors caused by animal urine, ensuring a fresh area to be enjoyed by all. In addition, the liquid solution increases the life expectancy of pet turf. (EXPAND ON WHAT IT DOES TO DO THIS)


TurfHub’s draining system solution is necessary for pet turf with high pet usage. It is ideal for all-weather areas that experience heavy rain and that require maximum drainage. The system is great for pet turf, sports field turf, and turf near swimming pools. The system absorbs and transports as much as 16 gallons of liquid per minute.

the best quality lawn experience that looks and feels like the real thing!

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